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Hi all,
I'm migrating a tool from Webix 2.5 to Webix 6.4 and I have a problem to increase text size in confirm boxes.
In version 2.5 (and until version 6.1), when the font size is changed (using style in the header section), the height of the box was adapted to display the text.
But since the version 6.2, the box is not resized, and the text is not fully displayed.

See the following snippet for example:

If I set the height of the box, I have a blank area created under the buttons, but the text area is not increased.

I need bigger texts because my tool is displayed on tablets and the standard font size is too small.

Is it possible to fix this issue, or I have to use another component (modalbox or something else) ?


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    Hey @TeKa, it seems like popup text in the version 6.2 and above has a fixed line-height of 20px, you can fix this by setting a default line-height, which in this case would be line-height: inherit for your .webix_popup_text. The end result is basically the same. Here's an example: https://snippet.webix.com/3lrm0wyp. But basically the popup height still gets adapted to the text size, but it will eventually overflow with too much text and it won't be able to show the rest.

  • Hi Dzmitry,
    Thank you, this is exactly what I need.

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