When we import excel file then how to increase the speed of the excel file with format

Guyz, Hope you are well.
When i try to upload the file with less data then it gets imported very quickly but if the format of the excel file is big then it takes time to import the file and display.
Can anyone please suggest me on how to increase the speed of the file importing into webix.

Thank you very much.


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    Hey @mansuriyusuf, this really depends upon the file you are trying to parse. While parsing, the spreadsheet widget will take into the account all of the styles/math associated with the file (not just the raw data), the more of those you have, the more time it will take to parse.

    There's been a similar thread very recently about big .xls file parsing - https://forum.webix.com/discussion/36569/bolshoy-obem-dannyh-large-amount-of-data. In short, there isn't really much you can do to improve the speed of default parsing. Here are some of the workarounds provided in that thread:

    1. if you have loads of styles you could try removing them before the parse happens; https://snippet.webix.com/p1qbcrwj.

    2. You can convert your .xls to a .csv file format or a JSON on the server side, and only then load the data into your spreadsheet, it should be noticeably faster.

    Overall, it's pretty hard to tell unless we can see the file in question. If you don't mind sharing and want us to be able to help you out more extensively, please send your file over at support@webix.com.

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