Data table Issue

Hello Webix team,

We have a scenario in we have duplicate id entries for the id column because of which it is not showing all the data table data same thing occurs for loadNext method too.

In this snippet we have 20 rows, but some entries of id/Id column are duplicate because of which it shows only 6 rows in table.

How can I fix this?



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    Hey @leod1481, unfortunately, having a unique id is one the basic requirement for the provided data (to able to handle all of the data operations correctly). You can either provide your own unique id or, if you don't specify them, they will be set automatically according to the timestamp.

    For instance, in your dataset you've already got a property Id which you could use to store your tag numbers (or any other property for that manner, i.e. tag), and you already are doing that, so the next logical step is to remove the id (or just reassign it to point to the unique values) property from our data to prevent the id duplication. Here's an example:

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