How to disable writing into an integrated text editor ?


I was taking reference from this two links below to make text editor using code mirror. The links are as follows:

However, due to some reasons, I need to disable (make readonly) writing to this editor. I tried below two options but they are not working:

readOnly: true

How can I make the editor readOnly (i.e disable typing) with only some fixed and template text.




  • try this

      editor.options.readOnly = true;
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    Hi intrgal

    This is working here

    In my application, all the code is inside webix.ready block. The code that you pasted is not working if I write inside webix.ready block.
    Not sure what wrong is going on.



    This seems to work. The getEditor function should also be inside ready function as it will return a undefined for the mirror_notepad object if defined elsewhere. I think that is why it is not working for you right now.

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