What does the user plugin do when the user is not authenticated ?

Hello, I'm trying to integrate webix jet with my Auth API.
I'm using the user plugin and I wrote a login() function (in the session model) which returns a promise with the user info. The plugin correctly redirects the authenticated user to the specified page.
Problem is .... If the login() function does not return a promise with the user info, the plugin does nothing. Which is the expected behavious ? Any error message ? I need to understand what the user plugin would do in this case, to understand if I'm doing something wrong or not.
Thank you for the help


  • Hey @antlomb, according to this article about the User plugin this is the expected behaviour (key word must):

    login() must return a promise of user info as a string, object or anything else that is expected.

    If you want to make any modifications I suggest you take a look towards the source code: https://github.com/webix-hub/webix-jet/blob/master/sources/plugins/User.ts.

  • Hi @dzmitry, thank you. Ok, now I understand, I always MUST return a resolved promise, with the user info (or null if not logged-in). I cannot return a rejected promise. Or at least that's how I solved the issue. Thank you for linking the source code to me.

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