New value in datatable combo

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Hi team,

Is it possile to customise a datatable combo to add new value like multicombo please ?

I tried somethings with onBeforeEditStart and onAfterEditStartd without success.


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    Hey @XavierDP, you can use a combination of a multiselect editor with a multisuggest suggest to achieve a similar result:

    Please note that you will have to specify the optionslist and the separator properties for the editor and the suggest respectively, they will also have to match each other (though it seems like the only separator that will be actually displayed here would be a comma ",").

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    Actually, it does seem like you can simply use a multiselect on its own, you just need to specify a separator (it will only accept a comma):

    The difference here is with the first solution you can specify a different separator and the getValue will return the data separated by that specific separator, the datatable will display the data, but it will be separated by the comma (even if it's not specified as such). In the second case the editor will only take an optionslist of true or "," (true returns a comma separator), and it won't even display the data with any other separator.

  • Hi @Dzmitry

    ok thank you for your answers

    in fact, i would use the native text editor which search value in list to add a new value at the save moment

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