async / await support

Dear all,

How to add async/awiat support to webix ? what extra modules to install ? what adjustment to .babelrc or ... what to do I can add await/async to current webix jet environment?

Thanks a lot.



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    Hey @ymlan, could you please provide a bit more details about your current environment? It really depends on how you set it all up, but there should be no hindrances concerning ES6 support. For a point of reference you can take a look at a template jet starter app and see how things are configured there (it uses babel and webpack to compile the app):

  • Hello!

    I have also needed to use async/await syntax with Webix Jet, and was getting the error "ReferenceError: regeneratorRuntime is not defined."

    I solved it by installing the "babel-polyfill" and importing it in the JetApp initial file.
    As recommended in this issue on Babel Github repository:

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