Hide and show tab in tabview

Is it possible to hide and show tab in tabview dynamically ?
I have three tabs and each tab have a form and buttons. When I click to a button in a tab, I wan't to hide another tab for example.
I think it is not possible and I tried to do that with removeView ? removeOption ? but I can't reshow the tab with last view and last data.




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    Hey @romain, hideOption/showOption of the tabbar view seems to be exactly what you are looking for: https://snippet.webix.com/9uk4vwqj.

    Please note that if your tabview cell has a body, show/hideOption must refer to the body id of that cell, not the header.

  • Thanks , I must use body id , that 's why it didn't work ;)
    But I have always a problem : in my scenario, it doesn't work if I wan't to go to tab3 and hide tab1 and tab2, please check : https://snippet.webix.com/ov2iq52p (the tab1 and tab2 are always visible)

  • $$("cmsProcessingTabbar").callEvent("onItemClick", "testTab3"); doesn't work in your case, the reason why you are switching to tab 3 at all is because you get switched to the next active tab when you use hideOption on the tab you are currently in, so it goes:

    tab 1 -> hide tab 1 -> switch to tab 2 -> hide tab 2 -> switch to tab 3

    I'm using show() in my example instead: https://snippet.webix.com/54fuxx0q.

  • Perfect ;) thanks

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