Call icon from server

I want to call and image into an icon but I don't know if that is possible. All the examples are like this:
icon: "fa fas_name_of_icon"
Instead of that i want to put the link of an icon that i have in the server



  • Hey @Dalaz, you can set your own custom icon with the help of CSS. The icon property basically sets the CSS class names for the span containing the icon. By referring to that class name you can specify the url to your icon and add it as a pseudo-element.

    Here is an example: You can read more about changing the default icons here -

  • ok, i get it. One question, how can i change the icons from the tree of file manager?
    Cuz' with:
    templateIcon: function (obj, common) {
    return "";
    only changes in the dataview

  • I only want to change the icon of the folders in the second lvl of tree

  • I found out wich function i need to change but I want to know if i can change it on filemanager init cuz' i don't want to change the filemanager.js

  • You can adjust the tree template by modifying the base tree data type (filemanager is using baseType: "FileTree") and add you own icons to the wanted tree level:

    Please note that you are creating your own custom type, so you'll have to reassign the type of default tree to your own type using onViewInit.

  • ok, thank you so much. I'll try it with de code snippet

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