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Hi webix team,

i have a requirement in the list like on the close button i need to remove the item and on the remaining part of the list itemclick i need to go to another page can you give me the solution




  • Hey @sriram, you can add the wanted icon via the template property and add a custom handler referring to the CSS class name of that icon via the onClick property of the current view.

    As for the pagination, I don't quite understand where you want it to be located, so I've included an example of an apiOnly usage, where you can control the paging via the API using any elements to do so (placed wherever you want them to be). You can read more about paging here -

    Here's the end result:

  • Hi @Dzmitry the snippet you have given is fine but i need a click on list item also means i need a click on close icon and another click on list item can you suggest the solution

  • Do you mean you want to remove a list item when you simply click on it as well? If so, you can use a onItemClick event and apply the same function, also please note that you'll have to return false in the onClick of the icon, so that you don't trigger the onItemClick event while clicking on your icon. Here is an example:

  • Thanks @Dzmitry its working

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