Webix spreadsheet in new Chrome V76

we are using the webix spreadsheet and is fine until the new Chrome version 76 and now the upload button on the spreadsheet icon is not working. Please advise.


  • Hey @robertwong68, I can confirm the bug, we've already taken notice of it and the fix should be available very soon.

  • Please advise when the bug is fixed and is urgent please.

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    Hi again @robertwong68 , the fix will be available in the next release this thursday, i will let you know the moment it gets released in this very thread. If you urgently need a fix before the next build is out, and you are using a PRO license, please contact us at support@webix.com.

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    Hey, just dropping in to let you know that Webix 6.4.4 is now out and the bug is fixed, please try out the latest version and let us know if you're still having issues.

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