set webix.Touch.limit() as default


I use webix.Touch.limit() in my website and it's work perfect. But it's not work in all view if this code isn't run at least 1 times. So where i can put this code to run all of my website. When press F5 it's will not work if it's not run webix.Touch.limit()


  • Hey @duynq2197, it really depends oh how your project is set up:

    1. If you are reloading a page every time you are trying to navigate the site, then you'll have to enable this option every time you initialize webix.ui:

       if ( webix.env.touch ){         // if touch device is detected
       webix.ui({ ... })

    Also please note that you should wrap your code inside a webix.ready method for it to correctly initialize.

    2. If you are reloading just a part of the interface, then you will only need to call this method once (please refer to the code above, it will look identical).

    Once again, please initialize your code inside a webix.ready method for the most correct behaviour.

  • Yes. It's working perfect. But i have a question that is What webix.Touch.limit(true) will affect to ? If i dont check webix.env.touch and always run webix.Touch.limit(true)

  • Basically you are trying to avoid unnecessary calls, since webix.Touch will only work on touch devices, that's why we are checking for webix.env.touch, this also ensures that everything works properly.

  • OK thank you so much. Do u know how to turn off check spelling when editor:"popup".

    Example string: "TẬP ĐOÀN"

  • edited August 16

    Spell checking is a feature of the HTML textarea in this case, you will need to access the textarea node and set the spellcheck attribute to false. Here is one of the ways you can do this:

  • yessssssss. I love webix. Very nice.

    How can i create a pager with jump input.

    [<<][<] [1][2] [input] [search] [n-1][n] [>][>>]

    when i click search, datatable will load the value of input text.

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