load data in a combo box

Hi, I have this code,
And my combo box doesn´t show data, maybe I call bad my data at the line 44, please help


  • combo is working as expected.
    but you have wrong command at line 79

    this.$$("zonesComboBox").load(col, "json");

    to load data into combo, you need to address its list

    this.$$("zonesComboBox").getList().load($url, "json");
    this.$$("zonesComboBox").getList().parse($data, "json");
  • Hi @intregal, thank for the help, but now I have a problem with the view of the combo, it appears behind the map, so I can't select a value because I can't see what I selected.
    Here is the code.

  • edited August 15

    as a workaround you can use this

    webix.env.zIndexBase = 1100;

    AFAICS openMap is using zIndex for positioning with max value 1000
    but you need to use it in the main script, at the very beginning.

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