BUG: form with complexData: true loses data when bound to list


  • Hey @dandv, it seems that you have to address the object properties instead of the whole object when assigning values:

    1. https://snippet.webix.com/ts9c7uge - don't assign the daily/weekly objects to null/anything else.

    2. Explicitly set the null value to the min/max properties instead of the object as a whole: https://snippet.webix.com/czc8by5t.

  • Thank you for the workarounds. The problem is that when receiving data from an API endpoint, the root element (daily/weekly) is null in the JSON response, without each explicit subfield (min/max) being null.

    Can Webix handle that case in the next version?

  • I agree that this is a somewhat convoluted behaviour, we've taken a note of it. I can't really promise that this will be resolved in the next version, but we agree that this behaviour should be corrected in the future, and we'll see what we can do about it.

    For the time being though, you'll have to make-do with the provided workarounds I'm afraid.

  • Thanks. That's essentially what I ended up doing in scheme.$init, deleting null keys.

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