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I'm a PhD student, working on my first webix+jet app here :) With the (helpful!) examples, I've cludged together a dashboard with a few views (incl. kanban & table) for some hierarchical json I have. (The use case is task management data). NOW... I'd like to implement a view that will allow a user to do a card sort task of some sort (using drag & drop). The basic requirement is the ability to flexibly move a data 'card' (or some other small representation of a data item) into any space in the defined view area, without layout / ordering constraints (as one would do if creating a mind map, or scattering post-its on a whiteboard). Is there a webix component appropriate for this? My first thought was dataview, but the space seems to be constrained such that the user can only reorder the cards, and not arrange them anywhere in space... (including overlap, or stacking) Thx in advance!


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    Hey @foxydancer, as I see it, the best tool for the job would be the abslayout view (which is unfortunately only available with the PRO license). It allows you to place elements anywhere inside the view, you can even overlap them.

    Please take a look at this snippet showing off the drag-n-drop functionality inside the abslayout: (this is just a basic example, you can use any views instead of a template).

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