Kanban Drag n Drop Header

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know how to change the header position? I'd like to drag and drop the headers, much like I drag n drop the cards.

Any help would be appreciated



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    Hey @twigz, it depends on what you mean by this:

    drag and drop the headers

    If you are trying to DnD the columns themselves, you could try and do this with the help of portlets: https://snippet.webix.com/5op3y6xd.

    Otherwise, if you are trying to drag and drop just the headers, I'm afraid this isn't possible. Since even if you tried to implement the basic DnD functionality, you would also need to change the logic for card interactions.

    There doesn't seem to be a way to implement drag and drop inside the kanban view besides that.

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    @Dzmitry thanks! It's a good solution you suggested, but it doesn't work as expected - when you DnD the positions get messed up. Maybe the Webix team could add DnD functionality for headers?

    Thanks agin

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