I can't upload file from Excel

I try upload file from Excel
id: "uploadAPI",
hide: true,
view: "uploader",
value: "Импорт из Excel",
on: {
onBeforeFileAdd: function (upload) {
$$("dt1").parse(upload.file, "excel");
return false;
and result - error
Uncaught TypeError: (options.ext || options).toLowerCase is not a function

console.log(upload) - {file: File, name: "список УФ и НФ 30нед.xlsx", id: 1566328204494, size: 2862472, sizetext: "2.73 Mb", …}



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    Hey @kirilldonenko, could you please specify the version of Webix you are using and your browser of choice? There was a bug with the latest Chrome update that would break Webix imports. The bug has been recently fixed in the latest version (6.4.4). If you are indeed using Chrome and your version is older than 6.4.4, I would recommend you update at your earliest convenience.

    You can try out the latest version with your provided example in this snippet: https://snippet.webix.com/8poath2t.

  • Thanks for the fast response. I upgraded the webix version to 6.4.4() but the error again. Uncaught TypeError: (options.ext || options).toLowerCase is not a function webix.js?v=6.4.4:3083 There is no such error in Opera

  • Could you please verify that you are indeed on the version 6.4.4 by running webix.version in your console (it should return "6.4.4")? Also, please try clearing cache and running the import one more time. Additionally, could you please specify the browser and the browser version you are using?

  • I download webix from cdn and indicate the version - src="//cdn.webix.com/edge/webix.js?v=6.4.4" but in console - webix.version "6.4.0" version Chrome 76.0.3809.100 (Официальная сборка), (64 бит) . How do I get version 6.4.4?

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    Are you using a PRO or a GPL license? Our cdn only contains the major release versions (like 6.3, 6.4, 7.0, 7.x etc.). To get the access to minor release versions, you would need to get a PRO license. Otherwise if you are not able to get a PRO license, all of the current fixes and features included in the minor releases so far will be included in the next major release.

  • I'm using a GPL license ver. 6.4. In this version, the import from Excel bug is not fixed?

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    Unfortunately yes, as the bug was fixed in the version 6.4.4, you'll have to wait until the next major release (which should be out in September), or get a PRO license if you want to get an immediate fix.

  • Thanks so much for the detailed explanation. I will wait for the next GPL version. How can I know about her release?

  • A good way to make sure a new version was released is to check the What's new section of our documentation, which gets updated shortly after the new version has been released.

    Also, every major release gets featured in our blog posts the day it gets released (or shortly after), talking about all the new features.

    Please stay tuned, as the next major release is happening in September (although I can't provide the exact date unfortunately).

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