Filemanager Upload Override / Proxy

We would like to extend the file manager upload to support chunks. We have tried to extend the upload via a proxy and it looks like that is not supported.
The only way we have found is to break into the uploader via getUploader() and swap out the send(). Is there a better way to do this? We would really like to keep the upload UI and drag+drop, but take over the file sending from the default functionality.


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    Hey @acurtis, as you've already mentioned, upload/download handlers don't support proxy, so that's not an option in your case.

    It is possible to intercept the process of file uploading and use a standalone uploader to send the file in the needed form (chunks in our case). We'll have to use the same getUploader method to get the original config of the built-in uploader and to prevent the default uploading behaviour.

    As an example, here is an approximate implementation of the chunk uploading (take a note that the default chunk size is 10kb in this example, you can change it at your will):

    Please note, that you will need to handle the chunks on the server as well (to piece them together into the original file).

  • That works well. Thank you @Dzmitry

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