Webix Bug

I found a problem with dnd list item, when the list is placed inside a popup.
Everything works fine on Desktop, but on Tablet when I try to drag the item, the popup close itself and I can't move the item.
How you can see from the snippet I am using the version 6.1 of Webix.

I send you the Snippet where I worked and I ask you if there is a way to solve the problem.




  • Hi, i have the same problem!
    Anyone knows how to resolve it?

  • Hey @OttavioTedesco @cinquealettere, sorry for the delayed response. I've confirmed the issue, it does seem to be a bug, thank you for the report! Unfortunately I can't provide an exact time frame for the fix, but it should be fixed in one of the future releases.

    As for the workaround, there doesn't seem to be one for the time being, if I do find something that would be able help, I will get back you.

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