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By referring this snippet:

If I want to show the total amount: sales + sales2 + sales3 in either tooltips of x-Axis (by hovering the x-Axis label) or show it on the top of the bar, would it be possible?

e.g. The first chart: '02, I want to know it is 110



  • Hey @laicp, instead of attaching tooltip to each individual series, you could attach a general tooltip showing off the $sum property (which gets calculated from the sum of the provided values):

    Of course, you could also display the same tooltip for each series, but this is more concise and less cumbersome to do this way.

  • Hi @Dzmitry

    Thanks for reply. This is not a perfect solution to me as I would like to keep the tooltip of each series as well. Sorry as I didnt mentioned this clearly in previous post.

    Without the tooltip of each series, it would be hard for user to derive the figure by looking on the chart. That why I am looking to show the tooltip by hovering the x-Axis or showing the total label on top of the bar.

  • edited August 2019

    You could try and display both of the values in the same tooltip:

    Unfortunately, it seems that for the stackedBar chart type the label property will display the values inside the bars (, not on top of them as it is the case with the normal bar chart: So I'm not really sure if it is possible to do this with a stackedBar chart. As for the xAxis tooltip, I'm not sure this is possible either.

    As an alternative, I suggest you look towards 3-rd party chart libraries, it is possible to integrate some of them into Webix without any issues. As a suggestion, Highcharts.js looks like it would have the functionality you need. Please note, that you would need to get the relevant library from our GitHub.

  • Hi @Dzmitry ,

    Thanks for the reply. The first solution would be the best alternative solution at the moment. :-)

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