Get value of combo on submit form

Hi, how can i get the value of a combo when i click the button submit (html form)?



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    Hey @Dalaz, there are a few ways to approach this, depending on what your setup currently is:

    1. If you have a combo bound to an htmlform component, you could use a getValues() method of that form to get all the values from every form element, including the combo.

    2. If you simply want to get the combo value that is separate from your form, or maybe you find it more convenient, then you can use the getValue() method of the combo control itself.

    Please note that the aforementioned methods will only return the item id, to get the actual item and its value, you will have to use the getItem method.

    Here are all of the mentioned methods in action:

  • But if i have an html form, i mean, pure HTML an just webix to attach a combo in a div?

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