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After entering a new value in the editable combo of the above snippet, if I click on the line with "Text" (or in the white space below the combo), the combo keeps the new value entered. If instead I click on the "Radio" row (or on the radio's labels) the value is reset.




  • Hey @1be, as it happens, the editable property doesn't actually work for the combo view as one would expect. The combo control doesn't allow setting the non-existing options values, it is only possible to filter options via the text input. We will revise the documentation to reflect the correct behaviour for this property.

    That said, there is an alternative way to handle this: you can use a simple text input linked with a suggest component. This combination allows you to set the value of the text input to anything, it doesn't necessarily have to be included in the options. At the same time you are also retaining the standart combo functionality.

    Here is how it looks like: https://snippet.webix.com/b8r3epm7.

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