how can i link the datepicker with timePicker

In above Snippet i would like to link the DatePicker with the TimePicker so that
if i select today date then timepicker should not show the past time that happend in the day,
if i select Other than today date then the Timepicker should allow Complete Time to select in order to keep Appointments


  • edited September 2019

    Hello @rajkumar, you can check the datepicker value right as you open the timepicker and redefine minTime with the help of define depending on the conditions:

    Please also note that i recommend using the webix.Date methods of working with dates, for instance you can compare the dates quite easily, of you can get the start of the day (which is useful especially in your case, when you need to get an accurate minDate, instead of subtracting milliseconds, using webix.Date.dayStart is more convenient).

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