How use enent "onClick" or "onItemClick" in panel? I need change content in panel after click.




  • Hey @nkm, the dashboard doesn't have an onItemClick event, or any click-specific handler for that matter. You are pretty much limited to using global events in this case. I can think of two events that can work in this case, as an example:

    1. You can check the onFocusChange event to see which view gained focus, if this view is located inside the dashboard component then you can proceed to apply your own logic, i.e. dynamically redefine a panel's template via define: https://snippet.webix.com/d6ht051y.

    2.Alternatively, using a global onclick handler is also an option. You can pretty much do the same check as in the first case, although it is a bit less transparent: https://snippet.webix.com/whhc4jxq.

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