How to get formula of cell?

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How to get get formula from cell ,not the result of formula.
let's say my C1 column is having formula like "=b1-a1" then I want only this formula on cell change.



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    Hey @priyatama, could you please elaborate a little bit on the end result you want to achieve? Do you mean you want to be able to change the formulas themselves and for them to not be applied at all? Do you also want them to be applied initially?

    As previously mentioned in one of your previous threads, it is impossible to prevent the default formula behaviour, the only way to achieve something similar would to add a space before the = symbol.

    An example of that implemented via the onCellChange event would look like this: Basically, = will get replaced with a space every time an edit occurs. If you wish to get the formula after the initial application, you can do the same after the value was changed:

  • @Dzmitry - I want formula , what I am getting result of formula oncellchange

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