PropertySheet ( with filtered select editor

I have a PropertySheet ( with two select editors, one contains countries and the other a small set of cities. When I have selected a country I want the cities component to be filtered so that it only shows cities in that country. Is this even possible in a property sheet?

In the model that I'm using a country object looks like this:
{ id:"1", value:"Sweden" }

and a city object associated with "Sweden" might looks like this:
{ id:"1", value:"Stockholm", country:"1" }


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    Hey @PorkLip, this seems doable, although with a small caveat - using combo instead of a select editor will simplify the whole process quite a lot (select editor doesn't close upon selecting a value, thus it doesn't trigger the event we are going to use, which would make our code messier). I also recommend using a DataCollection to store your options, if you are not doing so already (this will help us organize the data in the needed way, otherwise we'd have to use native JS methods).

    Overall, here is how it would look:

  • That seems to work fine!
    Thanks for the help!

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