datatable dynamic loading bug

found strange behavior in dynamic loading
item is not visible, if the same id was loaded before but is not removed from the pull.
perhaps removeMissed does not play the role in case of dynamic loading.
in case of loading data arrays there is no problem.


  • Hi @intregal

    I must admit for now removeMissed is not compatible with dynamic loading due to the different concepts of usage.

    If the main intention is to load data without storing the previously added items, please observe the possible solution in the related forum topic.

    There's also a modified example for removeMissed:

    If the use-case is different, could you please describe it further?

  • thank you @Listopad
    in my real scenario I had a datatable without registered filters.
    this table had a proxy object as url.
    in load method of proxy I was adding dynamic filters to parameters.
    in this case filterByAll did not work because of registered filter absence.
    as load(url) caused above-mentioned troubles I decided to use registered filters with filterByAll.
    also in case of using dynamic load(url) method if I clear table data's order and pull in the ajax callback the problem is solved too

      $proxy: true,
      load: function(view, params) {
        ...setting filters to params...
        return webix.ajax().post("url", params).then(function(data){
 = [];
 = {};
          return data;
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