Memory Leak with Filemanager

Hey there,
the filemanager currently has a memory leak (Version 6.4.6)

Pattern of the leak:
Whenever unmounted and mounted again about 130 KB will be unfreed.

These objects seem to play a role:

waitData seems to play a role aswell, eventually some promises are jailed and not released at destruction.

Would be great if this could be fixed.


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    Hey @davidc, could you please specify the version of the core library you are using as well? You've mentioned version 6.4.6, and I'm assuming you've meant that it's the version of your file manager widget. Is the core library version the same, or is it different? If it is different, please specify it.

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    The core version I'm using is 6.4.6

  • Hi,

    We have checked the filemanager widget and it really has some memory leak. The next update ( 7.0.4 ) will contain the related fixes. Both Core library and FileManager will have fixes related to memory leaks

  • Hey again @davidc, Webix version 7.0.4 has been released and includes the aforementioned memory leak fixes, please update at your earliest convenience.

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