On GraphQL pagination, server sorting and filtering

I'm evaluating Webix, but I cannot find any example of datatable using GraphQL with filtering and pagination.

i.e. for pagination (virtual scrolling) I need a way to properly bind variables like "limit" and "offset" to comply with the GraphQL server API and reduce the amount of data sent to the client. The same stands for filtering and sorting.

This old thread gave no clues https://forum.webix.com/discussion/32834/graphql-pagination-server-sorting-and-filtering

I've also seen this article https://blog.webix.com/dynamic-loading-fetching-unlimited-number-of-records-from-server-side/
Is the approach depicted there still valid or is there a better way to get it with GraphQL proxy?


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    Hey @davidecavestr, from what I can see, since by default proxies do not handle server pagination, sorting and filtering, you will need to create a custom proxy. Meaning yes, I do believe that the approach depicted in the article is valid. Here is how you can add this logic to the proxy calls.

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