Responsive objects get scrambled when resized

Hi, I'm trying to make a simple responsive layout with multiple objects ordered in two rows (with different columns number), but when I resize the window to a minimum size, the objects get scrambled, i.e. one of the second row ends up before the first of the first row:

It's even worse with three rows:

I also would like to use a scroll view, but I get the same behaviour:

Can you help?

Thank you



  • Hello @mabiuso,

    I also would like to use a scroll view

    This is entirely possible. Your original example is working as expected, as the views are being reordered based around the calling view, and the views are being placed at the very top after the resize event happens.

    This is pretty much the intended behaviour, but you can modify the structure of your layout (scrollview) and make it a little bit more complex in order for that to not happen:

  • Ok, now it's working as I would expect.
    Thank you.

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