how to export and import spreadsheet?

I have multiple sheets in spreadsheet. I want to export all those whenever I click on export button , Then I will make some changes to that spreadsheet and Then I want to import same spreadsheet again, Do you have any example for this?


  • Hello @priyab,

    I don't think I quite understand your request. By default, if you enable the toolbar, the import/export functionality is already there, as you can see from this snippet. You are also able to export all of the sheets at once.

    Then I will make some changes to that spreadsheet

    What kind of changes are you looking to make? As I understand it, you want to export all of the sheets, then edit them with a 3-rd party software, and then import the new file back into the spreadsheet component? If not, please elaborate on the "changes" you want to make, and the general behaviour you are expecting in the end.

  • @Dzmitry - "Changes " I mean data of spreadsheet. Then I will import this spreadsheet again, But Import here doesn't work perfectly.

    I have multiple sheets in my spreadsheet, I export spreadsheet using "Export" button , It worked .

    Then I made few changes to the spreadsheet data and tried to import using "Import" button. Strange thing , It is not fetching data for the first sheet to which I made some data changes. It shows blank page.

    What might be the reason behind it and how to overcome it?

  • @Dzmitry - I just need working example of uploading spreadsheet and downloading spreadsheet. Here spreadsheet will have multiple sheets.

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