How to add CSS class to options layout in

{ view:"select", label:"Version", options:["1.0", "1.5", "2.0"]}


  • Hello @kishorech,

    While it is possible to add a class to each option dynamically (the select component is based around the native HTML select, which means that the dropdown menu is basically an array of <option> tags), I wouldn't recommend doing so, since you would have to apply a class for each individual option, and in some cases that might be an unacceptable scenario.

    As a better alternative, you could add a CSS class to the select component itself, which then in turn allows you to style the options of that specific select. For example:

  • .c_options option {
    color: red;
    border-radius: 100px;


    I want to apply border-radius but it is not working

  • edited November 2019

    option is OS-dependent. You can't style them like other elements.

    More detailed answer:

  • Thanks Jendrik

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