How to update reference cell value to database?

I have multiple sheets called Labour, Volulumes and non-Labour. On cell change I am updating cell values to DB.
I have coulmns like vol1, vol2 , vol3 and so on in Volumes sheet. Lab1, Lab2 , Lab3 and so on in Labour sheet. non-lab1, non-lab2, non-lab3 and so on in non-labour sheet.User might create formulas
Example 1. Labour sheet1 => =Volulumes!a5 + a3

So if you consider above example what I want is , If user chnages anything to Volulumes!a5 , it should be saved to Volumes table in database which I am doing on cell change, but the same effect of this change should affect in LAbour sheet also , that sheet value should get chnage and in databse also LAbour table column value should be updated.
can you tell me how to update reference cell value in database on cell change?


  • Unfortunately, there is no way to pick and save a precise result of an associated formula - the Spreadsheet does not store this kind of info and the values are actually recalculated only when a sheet becomes active (i.e. visible for a user).

    The only solution we can provide is to save all sheets with all values when the changes were made.
    The math: true flag in data serialization will affect only the active the sheet. We consider it as a missing feature that will be added in the future updates.

    For now, saving the result of cross-sheet math formulas can be implemented per the following example:
    On each data editing, the algorithm in the above example will

    • iterate all sheets
    • serialize the data of every sheet separately
    • send it to the desired URL

    Though it still does not exactly match the described use-case, this is the closest implementation feasible with Spreadsheet features.
    In addition to the common API of the Spreadsheet (which currently can save only the active sheet or all sheets with math formulas), this solution will allow saving sheets separately with proper serialization.

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