How to save sheet data to Database?

I have multiple sheets, Every sheet contains data from different database table. While import Iwant to save data to respective tables and columns. I am using PHp as a backend, Can you give me any rough example for the same which Can resolve my issue.


  • In general, there are two solutions tor this particular task.

    1) By default, all sheets are sent to the server at once. As all sheets will be sent with their names, you can divide the sheets on the server-side and handle them separately (save to different DBs).

    2) To split the saving requests on the client-side, you can create your own pattern of requests. Please, check the "RESTful Saving" paragraph of the following docs chapter. The manual call of webix.ajax allows modifying both URL and parameters.

    Additionally, the solution for a use-case where all sheets should be saved at once without math formulas (if only result of calculations should be passed to DB) is described in another topic.

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