Refresh Filter Content in Datatable


i have a datatable with multiple columns and different filter options. After filtering in one column i want to refresh the possible values for the select filter.

So far i tried to call the refreshFilter() funtion after the event onAfterFilter occured. Unfortunately this did not worked and i do not realy found another solutions.

If anyone could provide some help it would be nice.

This is the code for the Datatable columns:

{ id:"partner", header:[ "Partner", { content:"richSelectFilter"}], width:300, sort:"string"},
{ id:"name", header:[ "Name", { content:"richSelectFilter"}], width:200, sort:"string"},
{ id:"duration", header:[ "Dauer", { content:"textFilter" }], css:{"text-align":"right"}, format:webix.Number.numToStr({ decimalDelimiter:",", decimalSize:2}), width: 100, sort:"string"},
{ id:"activityTypeName", header:[ "Typ",{ content:"multiComboFilter"}], width: 200, sort:"string"},
{ id:"location", header:[ "Ort", { content:"textFilter" }], width:200, sort:"string", fillspace:true},

and here is an example: .

Thanks and regards


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    Hello @GoKap,
    Options in filters are automatically collected from all available data in the table - there are no other ways to automatically fill them (without gathering and setting options manually).
    You can specify options for each filter individually without associating with existing data in the table.
    Please, check the solution in the following thread

  • Thank you for you answer @annazankevich!

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