DND window-error

To reproduce an error:
1) longTap on close button;
2) Try to swipe on body;

If you close the window using the standard button, no error occurs.

Console logs:
dragcontrol.js:233 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '$dragCreate' of null
at Object.createDrag (dragcontrol.js:233)
at HTMLBodyElement.Ws (dragcontrol.js:120)




  • Hello @lBeJIuk,
    Unfortunately, I can’t repeat the described issue. Could you please specify the:
    1. Webix version
    2. Browser version
    3. OS
    4. device model

  • @annazankevich
    Sorry, I forgot to specify that it is possible to repeat it only on the mobile device (longTap is only there).

    1. It is snippet.webix.com (in 6.3 was working)
    2. Chrome Canary Version 80.0.3971.0 (Doesn't matter)
    3. Windows 7 (Doesn't matter)
    4. Browser emulation Galaxy s5 (Doesn't matter)

  • Hello @annazankevich! Did you reproduce the error?

  • Hello @IBeJluk,
    Yes, I can confirm the issue, thank you for reporting.

  • Hi @lBeJIuk

    I'm glad to inform you that the fix will be included in the Webix 7.2 release

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