Webpack Hot Module Replacement (HMR) support

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There is any plan to have out-of-the-box HMR support in Webix Jet ?

(Or at least a documentation on how to setup to have it working ?)




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    Hello @Fabien,

    There is any plan to have out-of-the-box HMR support in Webix Jet ?

    You mention the out-of-the-box support for this feature when the framework itself doesn't use Webpack in any way (as can be seen from the source files). Are you perhaps referring to the Webix Jet Demo App that does have it preconfigured and running? Unfortunately, there are no plans like that currently.

    Have you tried implementing this feature via the official guide provided by the Webpack team?

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    Thanks for your fast response.

    It would be great if webix team provide a documentation for have this working. This is a really great feature which really improve productivity.

    I've spent some times on trying implementing HMR, but I'm new with webpack, HMR and webix jet. For now, HMR is enabled and running, but I didn't succeed to catch a specific module reloading as sub-modules import seems to be performed by the framework itself.

    Is someone else already worked on implementing HMR ?

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