Where can I find the "Assets Manager" Template ?


I was looking for the source code for the "Asset Manager" template which is described here: https://webix.com/templates/

Could not find it on github, and they don't seem to be included in my webix download zip file.

Anyone can help me ?

Thanks a lot




  • Hello @antlomb ,
    Unfortunately, the demo isn't available because it's under development. All real demos, with source code, are here.
    If you are interested in something specific from the design of Assets Manager in the picture, please share more details on it - we will be glad to assist.

  • Thank you @annazankevich for your reply.
    I would be particularly interested in understending how you implemented the preview window (images and videos) inside the filemanager widget. I mean, is it actually a functionality (hidden perhaps) of the filemanager widget ? Or something I need to develop from start ? And if I need to develop it from start, how is it possible to integrate it inside the filemanager widget ?
    Thank you again

  • Unfortunately, there is no built-in functionality in the file manager.
    Technically, any preview can be implemented on the client by downloading blob and passing it to a component suitable for visualization.
    For example, it is a template for pictures: https://snippet.webix.com/92ce82bb
    Any HTML5 player is suitable for audio and some video files. We have rescently added an integration with Plyr player.
    The preview zone can be located next to the file manager (independently, just transfer files there), and by adding a new component to its structure(as described here) .

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