Kanban tags have a comma between them after saving

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When I load a Kanban board everything looks normal. Comments, tags, attachments are all exactly as i expect them.

I have a card with 2 tags, like the sample below, if I edit the card and add a third tag, after I press the Save button the card has the three tags, but it also has two extra tags containing commas. For example, it would look like this:

cats , dogs , spiders

The actual words are the correct tags, but the commas are also included as "tags" in their own little pill.

The data is being sent to the back-end properly and saved into the database. So, if I reload the page it will display correctly.

I can't figure out where those commas are coming from. Any idea?

I made a short movie, but I can't upload any files here. I will send that via email to your support address.

My tags are defined like this, which appears to be just like your documentation and samples:

var tags_set = [
    {id:6, value:'cats'},
    {id:1, value:'dogs'},
    {id:2, value:'snakes'},
    {id:3, value:'spiders'}

A sample card has tags defined like this, and displays as expected:

    "id": 21,
    "status": "0",
    "order": 0,
    "user_id": 30102,
    "date": "2019-11-28 01:12:53",
    "color": "1",
    "text": "This is a a photo from SpaceX",
    "attachments": [{
        "id": 13,
        "link": "/var/kanban/spacex-dual-booster-landing.jpg"
    "tags": [1, 6],
    "comments": [{
        "id": "1574911300270",
        "user_id": 30001,
        "date": "2019-11-28 13:53:51",
        "text": "First message"
    }, {
        "id": "1575348392198",
        "user_id": 30001,
        "date": "2019-12-03 04:47:34",
        "text": "Not remembering the colors or tags yet."


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    Hello @robert,

    The actual words are the correct tags, but the commas are also included as "tags" in their own little pill.

    I think I was able to reproduce the exact issue you are having. Could you please try this snippet out and tell if you are experiencing the same problem as shown here? Here is the example: https://snippet.webix.com/ptc0jfww.

    The issue will only occur when specifying the scheme property (even an empty scheme will trigger this behaviour), this is happening because the Kanban widget already has the default scheme specified, and you are essentially redefining it by providing your own. I am assuming here that you are indeed using a scheme in your component (judging from one of your previous threads, it was suggested as one of the possible solutions for ). If that is the case, a workaround is possible. Please take a look at the following example: https://snippet.webix.com/zx9tt3sv. The main takeaway here is - if you are planning on using a scheme, include the following code to make the tags appear as normal:

      const delimiter = webix.$$(this.owner).config.delimiter;
      if (typeof obj.tags === "string")
        obj.tags = obj.tags.split(delimiter);
  • Hi @Dzmitry YES, your first snippet shows exactly the problem I am having. That scheme was suggested in a previous forum thread as a way to control the sort order of the cards in a column - if a user moves a card to the top of the column it should stay there and not move to a different position when they reload the board.

    Your new code has indeed solved the problem. The tags are working properly again.

    Thanks for your quick help.

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