datatable server filterByAll strange scrolling behavior

scroll behavior on server filtering differs depending on unrelated views config
check the snippet
tested on Windows Chrome, Firefox, IE


  • Hello @intregal,
    Yes, it's unexpected behavior, we will consider this problem.
    But, on the other hand, such a button declaration can compress the rest of the UI (by sizing rules), because this is the only element with a fixed width - in some cases, the layout will adapt to it.
    To avoid the risk of getting such a result and problems with scrolling, you need to correctly position the button:

          { cols:[ buttons, {  /*a spacer to fill the available space*/  } ] }
  • @annazankevich
    yes, I see that such button config is not normal.
    but I rather want to know if there are some settings preventing scrolling up after filtering.

  • As far as I can see, you can try to use onBeforeFilter and onAfterScroll, as in the adjusted sample:
    But, we can't guarantee that this will work correctly.

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