webix datatable and jquery ajax post calls endless triggers with pending status

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Hi all,

I have webix datatable rendering the dynamic data from sql server tables with jquery ajax post calls. I have three rows in sql table and getting the total count and pos column in the table.

But the webix table able to render only one row (record) firs record always and other 2 rows are blank grid but able to render the table record count as 3. And the jquery ajax post request is endless with pending status in the network tab.

Have anyne experienced the same please share your thoughts



  • Hello @Jay ,

    Could you please provide an example of your code? Unfortunately, the problem can be related either to the client-side logic of the data loading or to the server-side processing of the request.

    First of all, please check if the server-side scripts are fully correct.

    Considering the client-side implementation of dynamic loading in a Webix Datatable:

    The jQuery ajax method can be used in a proxy object. The load function in proxy can return either an object/array of data or a promise (for async data loading), so as far as I know, jQuery ajax requests are fully applicable (as well as webix.ajax).

    Basically, if the response parameters contain the correct information, the dynamic loading will stop once the component receives the amount of data that correspond to total_count.

    This behaviour you can test in the following example (client-side implementation of continuous data loading):

    In this snippet, the details object contains the parameters for the request, where count is the number of records per request (set by datafetch property, 50 by default).

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