Webix Tree - Filter by Checked

Is there a way to filter the treetable by checked items?
Please, take a look at screenshot below.
I'm trying to create a separate column with two options in column header: yes/no.
When option "yes" is selected, the treetable needs to filter the data items and show the checked items only.

Screenshot with the explanation:


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    Hello @vagon333,

    Is there a way to filter the treetable by checked items?

    Sure, it is possible to filter the dataset using any criteria necessary. The checkbox state of any given item depends on the checked property, meaning you can filter the dataset using said property. The actual filtering logic can be determined by a custom compare function, allowing you to override the built-in filter's rules. In the case of a three-state checkbox an additional check is required (basically, the way you handle indeterminate items). Please take a look at the following example: https://snippet.webix.com/huahnlr4.

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    Dzmitry, thank you for the answer.
    That works.

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