After deleting one row cell style will not change.

Please refer following snippet
Here After deleting row I am not able to change cell style. Please provide solution as early as possible.
Please provide solution for Webix 5.3 vesrion


  • Hello @pratikshadatir1,

    Please provide solution for Webix 5.3 vesrion

    While the background-color property is a valid CSS rule, it is not an acceptable option for the addStyle() method. Since the spreadsheet cells support only a limited amount of styling rules, the way you set the style is dictated by the supported rules. In your case, you should use the background property instead of background-color: For the full list list of supported options please visit our documentation (Details section). In short, these options are:

    "background", "border-bottom", "border-left", "border-right", "border-top", "color", "font-family", "font-size", "font-style", "font-weight", "format", "text-align", "text-decoration", "vertical-align", "wrap".
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