Multideleting items from datatable (ajax.del)

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How to multidelete items from datatable?
I'm getting "Bad Request":(
How to fix this?

function removeItem() {
let selectedId = $$("vaultOverflowTable").getSelectedId();
webix.ajax().del("http://localhost:1337/question", { id: selectedId });
if (selectedId) {



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    Hello @arik,
    getSelectedId(true) returns ids as an array of objects.
    If you can adjust the server side code, you can send the array of ids to the server side:

    webix.ajax().post(url, {
       id: dt.getSelectedId(true) //will send an array of ids
    }, function(text, data){//callback code});

    You can also send the parameter in a simpler format as in the example:

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