Get Callback with Multiple Upload

Hello ,
How to return all callback response with multiple upload, i had read this sample,

but it's only once callback, i want upload multiple file and it's return multiple response callback too



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    Hello @vickypaulantono ,
    А direct response contains information about one file. You can run a cycle that will get to each file's value:

            var status = obj.status;
            var name =;
                var sname = obj.sname; //came from upload script
                webix.message("Upload: "+status+" for "+ name+" stored as "+sname );
                webix.message("Upload: "+status+" for "+ name);

    Please check the snippet:

    Also you can try to use onFileUpload (it's fired on every single file) and onFileUploadError events:

    $$("upl1").attachEvent("onFileUpload",function(file, response){
        // uploading finished 
        // error response
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