Webix Datatable with Django Rest Framework

how to make serializers of django rest framework for webix datatable server side. Webix django solution is avaiable in forms but i want in rest serialzers.
Please help me.


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    Hello @luckyPak,
    Unfortunately, we do not have a recent example on this subject. But perhaps this demo (https://github.com/webix-hub/python-django-demo) may be helpful for your case.

  • I work with web2py. if you share some, maybe i can help you.

  • if it helps you, pls find the sample code below:


    def get_somedata():
    param1 = request.vars.param1
    # put some code access to db tables
    records = some table records
    return json.dumps(records)


    var promise = webix.ajax().post("get_somedata_Url").then(function(data){
    load: function(view, params){
    return JSON.parse(data.text());

  • @annazankevich i used this example but they return all data but i want server data loading.
    It is available in django rest frame work?

  • @masterdrummer thanks for your reply, i used your example but its return full table data but i want server side data loading

  • i'm not sure if i understand "serverside data loading". can you share some code? i don't have too much experience about django.

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