Items disappear from dataview when filtering

I have a 'search' field that has an onTimedKeyPress event attached to it which filters the items in a dataview. When I try to search items from it it works fine as long as it has enough items in the filtered results to preserve the scrollbar but as soon as the results go below the number when a scrollbar isn't required in the dataview the items in the dataview disappear(in my case below 3)

This image is when there is no filter:

This is the image of how the items disappear from the list:

This is how its supposed to look like:

I know for a fact that the filter has items returned because when I switch to a different page and come back to this tab it appears/renders or when I resize the window the filtered list appears



  • Hello @kchhatani,
    Can you please provide a snippet/code sample where the issue can be seen?
    Here's a sample for such use-case, and as far as I can see it works as expected:

  • @annazankevich When I am trying to create a snippet independent of the rest of the code it works but I think it must be my layout or parent container that might be the issue :(
    Don't know....

    But is there any way I can trigger whatever is event/action is triggered on window-resize so that I don't have to manually keep doing it.

    I tried:
    etc. all possible options that I could think of but in vain

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