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So I was playing on webix, trying to separate columns by some border-left / border-right on a datable :

And it appears that the cells position isn't exactly the same as the column's headers, there is an offset of 1px on the right, which is even more visible when the separator is black...

Any solution ? Am I doing wrong ? :(

Thanks !


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    Hey @Jean_Louis,

    Any solution ? Am I doing wrong ? :(

    If you are looking to set the borders for every column in the table, I would like to suggest the following alternative:

    Instead of setting individual borders, you can set the borders for every column at once via the webix_table_cell CSS class, incidentally, the border will also be placed correctly.

  • Hello @Dzmitry :smile:

    Thanks a lot ! The solution I found was to work only on border-left, and not to mix border-left and border-right.
    But your solution is far cleaner :smile:

    Great job anyway, Webix is a pleasure to use.

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