Possibility to 'exclude' value in pivottable


I was wondering if there is a way to programmatically 'exclude' a value in a pivottable? At the moment, you can only explicitly 'include' a value, or multiple, with the multiselect, but not exclude.

Obviously I could include all values except the one I want to exclude, but I would hope there is a cleaner way to do that?


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    Hello @joelhoro ,
    You can create a custom filter, which will exclude the values ​​selected in it from the datatable:

      name: "excl-combo",
      $cssName: "combo",
      $init: function(config) {
        config.on = {
            if (this.getTopParentView() && this.getTopParentView().config.view === "pivot") {
                return obj.name !== newv; 
    }, webix.ui.combo);
    $$("pivot").filters.add("excl-combo", true);

    Please check the next snippet:

  • Thanks so much!

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