[BUG] Cannot read property 'Vt' of undefined when adding JetView that contains ID

When you try to add a JetView (contains id field) to multiview, it throws error. If you remove id field from the JetView, no error


How to reproduce:
Go to snippet, open DevTools console, click the button. After that, JetView injected to multiview but throws error at console.


  • Hi @fringilla

    It is not a bug: as Multiview can operate only with Webix UI views, the initialization of the JetView class requires a specific definition. For more info, check the related guide in Jet gitbook.

    Also, please note that the Tabbar is a standalone view.
    Although the multiview property will manage the visibility of cells with the same ID (if they exist), closing an option in the Tabbar will not destroy the multiview cell.
    This action should be defined explicitly with onBeforeTabClose or with onOptionRemove event.

    Please, check the corrected sample: https://snippet.webix.com/jka4br8b

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